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Test Survey

A new survey combining our investment readiness assessment and the EXO Exponential Quotient (ExQ) Survey


An assessment is only good if the findings are backed up by science and analytics (not just opinions) and more importantly it helps companies take actions. 

This assessment is built on 4 years of research with over 400 companies.

It measures the ability to deliver innovation and scalability of your business.  When completed you’ll know what is the best next step for your company.

It will take about 35 minutes to complete.  When you are done, you will get: 

  • A report card summarizing your results and comparing them with other companies in our benchmark database.
  • Background information to better understand your results. 
  • You will also get an investability score for your company.

Please answer all questions as fully as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. Feel free to skip any questions you prefer not to answer or cannot answer.

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 Bryan Cassady


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